A short, impactful word.

What is my purpose? What is our purpose?

That could be one of those deep conversations that could last from dusk to dawn. And, I do not believe I have the answer to either yet.

I know what motivates me.

  • Sharing my passion for travel.
  • Learning about others culture and traditions.
  • Giving back to my community.
  • Building stronger, quality communities.
  • Empowering younger minds that they are capable of anything.

Starting this blog allows me to share what motivates me with others. It allows me to inspire everyone to travel. This blog encourages me to propel others to learn about cultures and traditions near and far. I can share how I give back to the community and how others can too. Writing about my experiences and journey will hopefully encourage younger minds to do the same, and remind them that they are capable of anything they set their mind do. It gives me a voice in a world full to the brim of opinions and information. It allows me to spread positivity.

I may have found this blogs purpose. Please follow along on the journey of growth.

What is your purpose? What motivates you?

Sit down and think about it.

If you feel inclined to share, send me a message.


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