Hurricane Harvey Relief


Horrendous Hurricane Harvey really hit home for me. Literally, both places I have ever called home have been ravished by its terrifying wind and rain. Everyone around the world is hearing about the horrible flooding in Houston, where I live currently. Many are forgetting about the small coastal town it made landfall at and practically demolished, Rockport, “where I grew up” or my “hometown” as I tend to refer to it as nowadays.  I spent my younger years in Houston, my teen years in Rockport, and back to Houston for college and all of my adult life thus far.

Amongst all the scariness and craziness I had multiple people from all aspects of my life checking up on me and my family. As I was also doing with others. That is the Texan way. However, I had one friend amongst the hundreds in Houston ask out of the blue, “how can I donate for Rockport?” This touched my heart in so many ways. Most of the town has lost not just their homes but their livelihood, due to most businesses also being severely damaged. Both cities have amazing communities and will rebuild together, but when majority (estimated 80%) of a community is damaged like Rockport they could use additional assistance. I’ve heard some of the Rockport residents feel forgotten due to the abrupt damage Harvey moved on to create in Houston. I want them to know we remember and want to help them too.

So I decided to compile a list of ways to give back to Rockport, Houston and anyone else effected by Hurricane Harvey (because there are other cities that were hit too).

Rockport Relief


I created my own GoFundMe specifically for the relief of the residents of Rockport, Hurricane Harvey Rockport TX Relief in the hopes of being able to assist the actual residents of Rockport with whatever they may need. The purpose right now is for basic clean up necessities (heavy duty trash bags, gloves, bug spray, etc) to diapers, clothes, and food for displaced families with no jobs or homes to go back to at the moment. I have started with a small goal of $300, in order to buy those basic items for people I personally know or people they know. If I reach it I will continue to raise the goal. I have created a Facebook page, Hurricane Harvey Rockport Residents Relief, in order to show complete transparency. As well as a Facebook closed group, to find out what people need and where to drop it off or send it to. I will start with taking car loads of supplies and used clothes (of my own). If it grows I would like to be able to buy HEB* gift cards to send to these families for their household needs, groceries and most importantly new school supplies for their children and the teachers (EDUCATION MATTERS). The ACISD (Rockport’s school district) has announced the schools will be closed indefinitely and parents should enroll their children in schools wherever they have currently evacuated to. I will have complete transparency through this process and post it all on the Facebook Page.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 1.59.14 AM

Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce GoFundMe. This was started by a reputable resident of Rockport, the owner of the local newspapers wife. The funds will be used to help re-build the community; from their schools (which are currently closed indefinitely) to the aquarium and arts center to local businesses (which the town thrives on) and so much more.


Residents from Rockport, Massachusetts lovingly call Rockport, Texas their sister or cousin from afar, have created a Rockport TX Hurricane Harvey Relief. I clearly do not personally know the person who has created it and whether they are reputable. However, they have done some amazing donation work (a whopping 13k so far) and state that they will be voting on how and what the would like the proceeds to go towards.



Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was established by Houston Mayor Sylvestor Turner after receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries of people reaching out to offer help. The funds will be administered by Greater Houston Community Foundation.


JJ Watt of the Houston Texans started Houston Flood Relief Fund which was initially for the residents of the city of Houston, but as it has grown he has mentioned it will go to the surrounding areas (he even mentioned Rockport!) as well. He has promised there will be no major money going into administrative fees (like many other non-profits) and it will be going directly to the people effected.


All effected by Hurricane Harvey:

You can donate to the Red Cross online or a text donation. If you are out this weekend ladies (or gentlemen) and someone asks for your number, I suggest you just text 90999 and donate $10 on their behalf. I’m kidding, but am I?


The Texas Diaper Bank supports the basic needs of Texans vulnerable babies, elderly, and children with disabilities.


You can donate through Apple within iTunes or the App Store, which will go to the Red Cross. They match normally match donations.


The Salvation Army’s Emergency Diasater Services is working to help provide food and clothing to victims seeking shelter. Donors can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY or visit the link.










*I selected HEB because they have given back tremendously during this disaster, they are a local and Texas owned grocery chain, and most importantly there are locations in almost every town in Texas so no matter where residents have evacuated to they should have access to one.
**If you know of any other ways to help or donate, please let me know. If you know any families that directly need help, please let me know. If you would like me to share pets related donations, please let me know. If you would like me to share items for sale thats proceeds go back to Harvey, please let me know.
***Please always pay close attention to who you are donating to and ensure they are a reputable source or non-profit. Also, please keep in mind that large non-profits do utilize large portions of proceeds donated for administrative fees and not all of it goes to those in need. Just do your research, especially for any large donations.
***If you know me personally and would rather Venmo/transfer money for me to pick up supplies on your behalf you are welcome to do that as well. I have done that already for others, hence where this post originated.

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