Amazon Prime Day

I am an avid Amazon Prime user. For everything from household items, gifts, appliances, beauty, and more. So it is fitting for me to share my opinion of some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals and items I own. These are all items I own and use often. Most of which I use while traveling, day to day life, and for running my blog and other business ventures.

Prime Day

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Kindle E-reader: This is the version that is not backlit. I have a much older version (I think the first generation) that I love to use outdoors and when I travel. I can’t even remember how many years I have had it. Well worth it. $49 ($79)

Kindle Paperwhite: This is the version that is backlit. I also have this version and use it when it when I do not have a lamp or good lighting. So on flights or hotel rooms with other people. I thoroughly enjoy both versions, and travel with both often. $79 ($119)

Go Pro Hero Session: These are great for traveling; especially water related activity photography. They are a powerful, tiny, and very portable camera. There are different models and this is essentially the entry level. $99 ($149)

Seagate Backup: These portable external hard drives are perfect for traveling and day to day life. You NEED to be backing up your computers and photography. I worked in technology for six years and the worst thing was peoples heartbreak when they had lost all their memories. Plus these drives include 2 free months of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (which is $10 a month) so if you are into blogging, photography, or interested in Lightroom that so many bloggers are talking about this would be a great grab. Pricing varies on capacity, but 2TB is good for most. $58 ($76)

Fire TV Stick: I use this almost daily. Seriously, I have not had cable in over a decade. I use my Firestick (or Apple TV) to watch everything, check the weather, do home workouts, and so much more. I occasionally even take my Firestick with me when I travel so I can hop on the WiFi connection and watch things while I am on the go. This is a steal at 50% off. Grab it for yourself and for gifts for others. $19 ($39)

SanDisk Flash Drive: I keep one of these in a USB port on my computer at all times. I primarily store all of my current photographs from travel and life on it. Thus allowing my hard drive on my computer to have more space. $21 ($37)





Vitamix: I love mine so much. They are an investment piece for the kitchen, but they last for years. Additionally, they have amazing warranty. Not to mention you can literally make everything from smoothies, hot soups, salsas, bread dough, ice cream, and so much more. This is one of the best times to snatch one at a steal. $189 ($289)

Instant Pot: My sister is a new mom and swears by hers. It saves her so much time. It allows her to spend her time after work with her family and not endlessly in the kitchen. I don’t own one yet, but I purchased one today. $58 ($99)

Cast Iron Pan: I literally use one to cook so many things. They hold flavor better than any other type of pan. Best way to cook a steak, in my mans opinion. I usually take one camping as well, because they uses are so versatile. They will last you a lifetime if you clean them correctly. Great for yourself or to give as a gift. $9 ($15)

Ninja: If you want something more affordable than a Vitamix and primarily for smoothies, the Ninja is great. It blends well and can break up ice. $49 ($86)




Clarisonic Mia 2: I use this at least every week, sometimes multiple times. Exfoliation is important for your skin. A Clarisonic is one of the best and deepest ways to exfoliate, while still remaining gentle.Great for dry/normal/greasy skin. Any version of a Clarisonic will work and they each have their pros/cons. This is the version I own. $110 ($169)




Greenies: I buy these regularly for my dog, Bozley. Perfect for helping keep their teeth breath fresh and dental hygiene under control. $8 ($17)

Honest Dog Seat Covers: I use one of these in my car when traveling with my dog. Whether it is a short trip to the park or a road trip. This keeps my seats protected and clean. Plus it comes with a seat clip to keep your dog safe. They deserve a seat belt too. You latch one end onto your dogs harness & the other just like a seat belt. $16 ($79)

Dyson Cordless Vacuum: People swear by these as the holy grail of vacuums. This one specifically is amazingly light weight and can reach tough and high spaces. This is still on my dream list, but if you have the money to splurge this is the time. $364 ($499)

23andMe: This DNA and ancestry test is very cool. I have been intrigued to try it for a while. My family has kept up with our history really well, but I still want to try this. A great splurge gift too for your parents that may “have everything.” $99 ($299)



Amazon Prime is also available for just $5.99 for EBT cardholders.PrimeEBT


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