Create & Cultivate Style Summit

Wow! The Create & Cultivate Style Summit was so educational and motivational. It was extremely inspiring to see so many women networking and getting to know each other. The space was full of so many amazingly powerful and creative women. Plus, it radiated with positivity and inclusivity. I loved the variety of keynote & panel speakers and the knowledge they openly shared in order to empower other women (and some men!). If you ever have an opportunity to attend a Create & Cultivate event, I highly suggest it. Below I have shared just a few quick notes I took at the summit.



Panel 1 – Fashion & Style


Carrie Colbert – @carriec from Texas. Think #morecolorplease

Meggan Morehead – @somewherelately from Dallas. Half of a duo ran blog, also in NYC.

Stephanie Taylor Jackson – @stephanietaylorjackson from Texas. Think glam.

Krystal Faircloth – @apinchoflovely from Baton Rouge. Think all the neutrals.

Ashley Seippel – @ashleynstyle from Houston. Personal Stylist.



Most memorable quotes from Panel 1

“Strength based people” – CC

“Investing your time in the right places. Know your strengths.” – STJ

“Just as important to have your elevator pitch” – KF (about having a media kit)

“Only except partnerships that are very on brand and can be incorporated in an authentic way.” – CC



Brand Partnerships.

  • All of the ladies pretty much agreed to always over deliver, especially if you want want to keep a good relationship with the brand.
  • Do an extra post to show your appreciation for the brand. They noted to only do this if the brand is compensating you appropriately.
  • Make sure to send all of the extras that you have done, in case the brand didn’t see it.
  • Lastly, ensure that you know your specific numbers and analytics.


Tips & App/Tool Suggestions from Panel 1

“Plan your looks and shoots. Get use to lots of changing in cars. Have your content ready ahead of time.” – AS

“Get the looks out of the way. Focus on the other content you enjoy” – CC

“Create folders for places to visit while I travel.” – KF

  • blog for Instagram changes and keeping up with the ever changing market.
  • Co-Schedule  a website for schedule planning and that works with WordPress.
  • Trello & Asana for project management, teamwork organization and scheduling.
  • Mosaico for scheduling Instagram posts.




Panel 2 – Beauty


Courtney Kerr – @kerrently from Dallas. Big personality, bigger closet, & beauty.

Madison Payne – @madzpayne from Houston. Bold beauty.

Jaserah Asad – @simplyjaserah from Houston. Modest beauty & engineer.

Sona Gasparian – @sonagasparian from LA. Founder of Persona Cosmetics.


Most memorable quotes from Panel 2

“Don’t put all your marbles in Mark Zuckerbergs jar.” – CK

“Draw a line and have balance.” – JA

“Reaching out to brands and seeing what they like/post/vibes. Create content similar and tag the brand.” – SG



What are you doing to stand out? Differentiate in a crowded market place?

  • “Stuck with my natural beauty look. Even through the marketplace changed to more dramatic. Stick with what you’re good at.” – SG
  • “Knowledge.” – CK
  • “If it’s something you deal with, it’s something someone else deals with too.” – CK


On parameters of brand partnership.

  • “Must align with my brand and beliefs.” – JA
  • “I’ll ask to try a product for a month, to be honest with my followers” – MP


Sona starting her company.

  • “I realized a product missing from the market. I was looking for a travel friendly pallets for brown eyes.” – SG


How are you combating stereotypes?

  • “The second I got with a manager, it changed. It took most of the negotiating off my plate.” – CK
  • “Pick your style and stick with it. Be a business from the start” – MP


YouTube & IGtv? Evolving Additional Platforms.

  • “You shouldn’t compare IGtv to YouTube. The community and following is very different on YouTube.” – SG
  • “Create content for separate platforms.” – CK


On Negativity in Social.

  • “I’m like cilantro and not everyone will love me.” – CK


On Inclusivity in Social.

  • “The theme is different now and it’s more about inclusivity, diversity, and being different in a good way.” – JA


Tips & App/Tool Suggestions from Panel 2

“Hold brands to a date.” – CK

“Treat your audience like your clients” – CK

  • Slack for teams and keeping them organized.
  • Create editorial calendars for each outlet.
  • Team Up a shared calendar for groups that is color coded.
  • A traditional paper calendar.



Keynote Conversation

Elizabeth Chambers founder & CEO of Bird Bakery. The business was started when she visited home, San Antonio, and there were no “real” cupcakes available. So she saw the market and decided to use her family recipes wisely. Both her mother and grandmother were female entrepreneurs and amazing cooks. All of the bakeries un-purchased goods are given back to the community.  


Most memorable quotes from Keynote

“When you have a for profit company I think you need to have a non-profit element.”

“Hire people for character and personality, train them on skills.”

“Energy is finite, spend it wisely.” – Jaclyn Johnson during conversation with Chambers




  • Consistency.
  • You’re only as good as your worst employee.
  • Every day is a learning experience and it’s only going to make you stronger.
  • Keep things fresh.

Balancing motherhood?

  • She focused on uni-tasking after realizing nobody was getting 100% of her or her attention.
  • Uni-task is being present in what she is currently doing whether that be a conference call, being at the park, visiting the bakery, and so on.

What things in Texas bring you inspiration?

  • Everyone has so much heart and a passion for food.

Bigger brand?

  • Creating goals.
  • Direct to consumer mail.
  • Expanding and exploring.

Brand and personal playing together?

  • She believes it happens organically. Your brand is a reflection of who you are naturally.

Self care?

  • She admitted not being great at it because of guilt, but that she uses the oxygen mask theory. Take care of yourself, feel centered and energetic. Focus on being your best self.

Best business advice?

  • You will have to work so hard, especially at beginning.
  • Be organized and clear as where you are going. Have a map and goals.
  • There’s nothing you should ask someone to do that you can’t do yourself.

Personal style?

  • Exploring. Classic with a twist.



Social Hour

I met up with a friend at the summit, plus met some amazing new ones. Check out these boss babes below. Leave me a comment if you attended (or wished you had), I would love to get to know you too.







2 thoughts on “Create & Cultivate Style Summit

  1. This would be a nice event to learn some things and network with other ladies but I don’t like the aspect of only treating your blog like a business. I run into blogs like that daily and it’s off putting. You can smell it from a mile away and as authentic as they try to be, it’s just not. Pretty plain to see.


    1. It was a great event! I understand, but choose to follow who you do resonate with. Many bloggers have been able to make it their career and some are better at being more authentic than others.


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