Da Nang, Vietnam – City Guide

Da Nang is by far one of the larger cities I consider a must visit in Vietnam. Plus it is a great jumping spot to other smaller cities nearby. Full of beautiful beaches, resorts all down the coastline, mountain views, golf courses, and so much more. The city is seriously going through a huge transitional period, it is really booming compared to other cities within Vietnam. 



The beaches in Da Nang are some of the cleanest I have seen in Vietnam. There are several public beaches that are free to lounge at. Note that if you want a chair, umbrella, or lounger you will have to pay a minimal fee to rent one. If you are looking for private beaches then staying in one of the many resorts is the way to go.


Marble Mountain is a very well known tourist spot in southern Da Nang. Unlike most other touristy spots, I truly enjoyed this one. It is a cluster of mountains full of lush landscaping, caves and tunnel systems, several buddhist sanctuaries, and most importantly amazing views of the city from a short hike up Mount Thuy.







Breathtaking panoramic views of the whole city are something you do not want to miss. I was shocked that we did not pass a single soul on our way up or our descent. The climb to the top of Mount Thuy, the only mountain available to the public to do this, is assisted with wooden handrails and steps – created out of stone and rock. I wouldn’t consider the climb strenuous, but it does get your heart rate pumping. I suggest having a bottle of water with you. The 360º views of the city are something you do not want to miss.






If you continue traveling south from Marble Mountains you will come upon the city of Hoi An. Taking a trip to Hoi An from Da Nang is highly suggested if you do not already plan on staying there. During my most recent visit our hotel provided a private driver/guide that drove us down there in the evening to catch the amazing night market. However, during my visit trip to Vietnam I did a home stay in a village within Hoi An and got to check out the city during the day. I did not venture out of my “house” in the evening during that visit. Each uniquely a different experience, granted six years apart, are both experiences I would suggest. The streets are adorned with color from building walls to beautiful lanterns in the evening. I will have a whole city guide of Hoi An on here soon. 


Ba Na Hills are located west of Da Nang and are astonishing. They are home to Ba Na Hill Station (fun fact: the worlds longest non-stop single track cable car), a resort, a golf course, and Ba Na Hills Sun World. Visiting here was by far my favorite part of Da Nang on my most recent visit, but that might partially be due to the fact that I had never heard of it before. Ba Na Hills Sun World, also referred to as The City in the Sky or French Village in the Sky, is what most people are referring to if they talk about Ba Na Hills. It is essentially an amusement park, but definitely more geared towards adults wanting to enjoy scenic views. The views are something out of this world and it is so picturesque.



You can get lost in gardens, stroll through streets that reflect Europe, take a train ride through the lush oasis on the side of mountain, and if you are lucky you’ll get to watch the clouds literally blow through where you are standing. Due to being 4,878 feet in the air – yes, it is that high in the mountains and it’s a beautiful journey – clouds blowing by happens often enough. I thoroughly enjoyed Ba Na Hills so much that I will be writing all about it in my next post – stay tuned.




Da Nang Hotels & Resorts – I personally always use Agoda when traveling overseas; there seem to be more options. There are a very wide variety places to stay all over Da Nang from super affordable hotels to a coastline dotted with resorts with beach side cabanas and private beaches.

Queen Da Nang Hotel – This is where we stayed on our most recent visit. It is very close to the airport and easy to get around the city from it. They had a driver available that you could pay to take you around if needed.

Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa – This is on my list to stay at the next time we are visiting. They have perfect accommodations for any size group, including three bedroom cabanas. They are also located right on the beach.



Bun Cha Ca Ba Phien: Go here for the best Bun Cha Ca in the area. It is a delicious soup the area is known for. Bun Cha Ca is best translated to fried fish pie/cake noodle soup. Please do not let the name scare you from trying it. The fried fish cake is slightly crispy on the outside and springy on the inside and it is not super fishy flavored at all. The clear broth is light in body, but packed full of fresh umami flavor. It is a medium to smaller restaurant with covered, outdoor seating with fans like most places in Vietnam. This is seriously the only place I highly suggest paying a visit to for food at least once while in Da Nang.



Like most cities in Vietnam Grab (Vietnam’s version of Uber) is available and Uber was still available (unlike in some of the other major cities) in Da Nang when I visited most recently. You can always use a taxi as well, they are relatively cheap compared to the U.S. I have heard that you can rent scooters within the city as well, if you feel confident enough driving one in Vietnam. Plus, as I mentioned previously you can also pay a private driver/tour guide to take you around if you plan on doing a lot in one day or going a far distance.


A relaxing larger city, Da Nang is a must visit while in Vietnam.


English = some. Native language = Vietnamese. Everyone I encountered were very friendly and helpful. They will help you find your way around.


Depending on what all you want to do, you could achieve most of what I discussed in 3-4 days or a rushed 2-3 days.


$ Inexpensive

I always book my flights through Skyscanner. By far the best prices, options, & ease of use.




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