Weekend Wander – New Houston Teahouse and Bar

I had a busy, social weekend catching up with friends & family and celebrating a friends birthday. An additional perk was getting to try out some new bars and a teahouse in Houston. I have a background working on the marketing side of the hospitality industry and thoroughly enjoy checking out new spaces and sharing places I have stumbled upon.


Tea by Sea

In the Heights tucked off of Yale Street you will find Tea by the Sea. It is not the traditional teahouse most think of, but so much better in my opinion. Instead of tons of flavors and different types of boba to chose from, they focus on using all fresh and natural teas. Most are served with low amounts of sweetness, but you can request more. There is a honey boba, red beans, and chia available upon request. Although the shop is small it is very cute, trendy, and picturesque.

I met up with my family here on Sunday and got to play with my niece. She loved the palm print walls and their cute cart outside. Plus she loved that she could have some of the beverages for once – since my sister doesn’t give her sugar yet.

The drinks were delicious too. The staff is very friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have. The beverages are creatively crafted and picture worthy.

rainbow latte, galaxy lemon tea w/ honey boba, coco h2o blue, & jasmine milk tea w/ honey boba.

It would not be ideal for a large group due to limited seating. However, a perfect spot to catch up with a friend, have a casual date, or to grab tea or coffee to go.

The decor is highlighted with small details that pop against a white subway tile wall. Plus the main wall is “millennial” pink with palm leaves. Very Instagram-able. I highly suggest trying out their unique menu and teas. It will definitely be a spot I will be visiting regularly. I love that their drinks are healthy, delicious, and consciously made.

Better Luck Tomorrow

Also located in the Heights off of Yale – for all my Houstonians it has replaced Dry Creek. Cozy spot with well crafted cocktails. We had a friend visiting for a quick 24 hours and wanted to get everyone together to catch up. He’s a cocktail connoisseur and had heard great things about this newly renovated spot. The cocktails and atmosphere did not disappoint. Just be prepared for their speciality cocktails to take up to ten minutes for them to make if they are busy; they are well crafted. I was too busy chatting that I failed to grab a picture of our drinks. I ordered the “Against All Odds” a scotch based cocktail and V (my boyfriend & often photographer) ordered the “Salty Cat” a gin based cocktail. Perfect date night spot or hang out with friends. The decor is trendy, semi spacious patios, and a smaller interior.

High & Dry Rum Bar

Located in Downtown Houston right off the strip of nightlife on Main Street. However, easy to accidentally pass up if you aren’t paying attention to the name on the side of the building and interior staircase leading up to the bar. All of their specialty cocktails are rum based. They were delicious. Nice environment to meet up with friends and great cocktails. I would not suggest it for a date night on the weekend due to the crowds/noise.

Sunset Cliff (yes those are toasted marshmallows) and Mainlander. Sorry for the blurry picture.


Did you enjoy this roundup of places I wandered to over the weekend? Would you like similar posts to this sharing places I have stumbled upon? Let me know in the comments.




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