girl crush – series one

Happy Friday! Sharing some awesome and inspirational women with you today. This past week a creative ice breaker/conversation starter was brought up at my monthly White Buffalo Project herd meeting. “Who is your girl crush on Instagram?” I loved the versatility in everyones choices, so I figured I would share it with the world. Due to the amount of accounts shared I will be breaking them in a series over a few blog posts.



series one

@rongrong_devoe_illustration – fashion illustrator

Her illustrations are stunning and so creative. I wish I had the talent to draw like her. She is also a fellow Houstonian.


@tezzamb – musician, creative director, stylist, and traveler

Goals. She’s a rolodex of talents and I wish I could travel everywhere with her. Her aesthetic is on point as well.


@laina_caltagirone – ex-attorney living her dream teaching spirituality

Spreading positivity and wellness on the regular. Plus her account is so light and airy.


@megand1431 – fitness founder and positivity enthusiast

Another fellow Houstonian who founded @accellifestyle and co-founded @fitnessintheloop.


@alex_elle – author, storyteller, and self-care advocate

Her affirmations are on point. I love the warmth of her aesthetic as well.


@kirstymitchellphotography – fine art photographer

Her love of fine art and photography is inspiring. I mean just look at that feed.


I am a big proponent of learning from others, openly sharing information, and that there is enough space in this world – digital and reality – for everyone. There are so many creative, inspirational, and bad ass woman on our lovely planet. Please continue to celebrate others talents and accomplishments with me and check out these boss babes. Who are you currently crushing on? Tell me in the comments below.




P.S. – Is your curiosity itching? I figure it is. White Buffalo Project is a movement that that gathers women together in authenticity. It was started in Houston by two amazing women, Kendall & Hailie. If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask me and if you are intrigued please join us at any time!

White Buffalow Project






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