Weekend Wander – The Rustic

Let’s just start with, I’m a big fan of The Rustic. I have now been for dinner, brunch, and drinks & small bites with friends. Every time I am pleased with the service, food & beverages, and the ambiance. Who can pass up live music 7 days of the week? I can’t!



My first experience was a late dinner during the week, after a TUTS performance. I only tried an entree, Hot Chicken & Cheese, that time around. There was actually an exclamation of “Dare I say, this chicken sandwich is better than Chick-fil-A” of someone in our group. Needless to say, my menu item choice got tried by everybody. The Rustic Burger was also ordered by someone and was delicious (no pictures, sorry).

Photo Feb 18, 9 27 15 PM.jpg

I mean look at that crispy, spicy breaded chicken and gooey cheese and spread. It was like a delightful chicken grilled cheese sandwich. Plus, that jalapeno on top has a kick that just makes the sandwich divine (if you like a kick – which I do). The side of potato salad is a great companion with a nice touch of fresh dill. I will add that the live music was over by the time we arrived this evening, but the house selected music is great too.



The second time I visited was for their coveted Jam & Toast Brunch. It did not disappoint! I already had high expectations after enjoying our late dinner experience. Their brunch option is unique, it is served family style (a set menu and everyone is charged by the person). Normally I would be a little skeptical of this, but all of the set menu options were delicious. Plus, their carafe of mimosas is a great bargain at $10 with your choice of champagne or rose and orange or grapefruit juice. We sadly didn’t catch the live music this time either; the band was just packing up or switching off to another act.

Photo Feb 17, 6 31 48 PM.jpg

My favorite brunch menu items were:
-Hot Chicken (the same style chicken from the first sandwich I had at The Rustic)
-Smoked Cheddar Grits
-Butchershop Skillet

Photo Feb 17, 6 29 22 PM (1).jpg

(*Note: The serving above was only family style for two. Our carafe of mimosa had not arrived yet either.)



My third, and most recent, visit was to meet friends for a birthday gathering. So I just enjoyed drinks and lite bites. Again, I was pleased with everything I had. I typically only drink when it is a special occasion. When I do drink I prefer whiskey or bourbon and very rarely do restaurants or bars have a variety of mixed drinks made with my liquor of choice. I was pleasantly surprised to see that The Rustic has a few to choose from. We also finally caught the live music this time! However, I was disappointed to see that they had not cleared the tables to leave room for dancing (I was told previously that they do).

Photo Feb 18, 10 00 46 PM.jpg

left: Rosemary Williams. Evan Williams Bourbon, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, local honey & rosemary.
right: Southern Style Bramble. Southern Style Seersucker Gin, Combier Mure & fresh-squeezed lemon juice.

Both drinks were delicious, light and refreshing. I only had a sip of the Southern Style Bramble though. Don’t worry for my readers that don’t enjoy whiskey/bourbon, I always try my other halves beverages and he tends to order gin/vodka.

Photo Feb 18, 10 01 20 PM.jpg

left: New Potato Salad.
right: Jalapeno Spoon Bread. (has the perfect kick, in my opinion)

Check out the full Kitchen & Bar menu for The Rustic, here.

Photo Feb 18, 10 03 29 PM (1).jpg

Just a small view of the massive space and stage. This is standing at the bar dinning space. The venue is very large. Great for large gatherings and ideally always having space to grab a bite or drink. I hope you go pay them a visit!


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